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's take a look at how markets are trading. stoxx europe 600 is down about .6% this morning, this after word that house speaker john boehner's plan b didn't come to a vote last night. he couldn't get them in place apparently. we'll have plenty more on the impact of that on the program. not much here, we see decliners well outpacing advancers. the ftse mib in italy down .6%. the ibex down .4%. the dax selling off .5% lower than yesterday. same goes for the ft. if it is, down .8%. 5909. how quickly we've gone from talking about 6,000 to talking about 5,900. the german bund rallying. same goes for the uk. we're seeing a rotation into safety, out of risk and out of spain and italy. about 4.5% for italy. thin trading in markets is exacerbating the move that we're seeing as we approach the year. today, the austy dollar is weaker against the u.s. dollar by about .4%. proxy there for global growth prospects. the dollar/yen is weaker by about .25%. this as markets digest the news out of the boj and gauge whether they'll be successful in boosting inflation ultimately. the euro/dollar, 1.3221. so
the way to europe. the destination norway. it's not for eating. it's being made into sake in the same traditional way it's been brewed in japan for centuries. >> reporter: in the norweigan capital, sake is getting popular. many people like to drink with their meals. >> translator: this is made in norway using japanese rice. it's really good. >> reporter: the flavor is tr fruity with a slight acidity. >> translator: i'm very proud of the sake made in norway. >> translator: i usually drink red wine but i love sake too. >> reporter: as europe acquires a growi ining taste for japanes food, demand for sake is increasing. europe's first and only sake brewery is here in the south of norway. it was set up two years ago by a local beer company. the brewer is from canada. he first discovered sake nine years ago and was amazed a complex flavor could be made from rice and water. three years ago he met the owner of this brewery at a sake workshop and was invited to norway to help start a production. >> it's very rewarding. >> reporter: it's brewed in the yamahi style. it produces a more complex, y
. it was bad execution. >> how are you able to do so well in europe compared to america? is that just an example of you weren't disciplined in europe and you got a lot of business? i'm trying to understand. europe is harder right now than america. >> exactly. that underscores the point that what we do nobody else can do. we want to make the offer when your wallet is out of your pocket not six months after you leave the store. you can go look in the filing cabinet that oracle or s.a.p. or microsoft has and that's the 20th century. we're all about doing things in realtime. we make you that offer when your wallet is out and your credit card is in your hand. nobody else can do that. that's a universal big data realtime problem that only tibco can solve. >> you mentioned oracle and s.a.p. and analysts that i checked in with say that ibm has come on very strong. >> ibm is our strongest competitor. we beat them every single time in terms of technical performance. they do have strong relationships and at the end of the day we have to be three years ahead of the competition and we believe we a
of energy to europe. >> putin was speaking in brussels, where he has been holding talks with eu leaders. his first visit after he was reelected. although russia and the you are close trading partners, there are various contentious issues which divide them. >> vladimir putin did not waste any time on arrival -- just a quick way that the cameras. outside, protesters clashed with police. the women's rights activists were not mincing words, telling the president to go to help -- go to hell. inside, the eu message to russia was also clear. >> we will discuss commitments to guarantee our citizens democratic rights. >> the biggest disagreement is over energy issues. the eu has been critical of new gas pipelines from russia. the south stream pipeline is meant to carry russian gas through bulgaria to austria and italy, but the u.s. and russia are arguing over the rules to be applied to the new pipeline. >> it is true that some difference remained regarding some aspects of energy relations between europe and russia. >> european demands for russia to separate gas companies and distribution channels hav
was 'build the middle class.' i don't know if the next leader will make that his goal." and in europe, observers think the worst is over, but the first half of the year will be slow. "they're going to make progress, but not enough to change much. what they need is private equity, private investment." finally, investing in community or regional banks - an alternative that may surprise you. "you can invest in small banks and help your community. if enough people do that, the country will improve." lastly, financial analysts say the ipo calendar will be worth tracking in 2013. with roughly 150 private companies ready to make their initial public offerings, more than in each of the last two years. a possible strike that would hit ports stretching from massachusetts to texas could have a ripple effect on the national and global economy. just days after a west coast port strike was resolved, this new walkout is being threatened by nearly 15,000 longshoremen union members who are upset over wages and royalty payments. the strike would cripple 15 different ports. the union did not answer our
of liters of maple syrup they are missing. europe khas weather is looking unsettled at the moment. we -- europe's weather is looking unsettled at the moment. torrential rain, leaving more than 100 flood warnings in force, and yet more weather systems moving in from the west. flooding issues here leading up to christmas. elsewhere, we are seeing some significant snowfall over the last day or so, causing problems across much of the country. we are expecting improvement here. the snow tending to move away. ukraine seeing heavy snow, desperately cold weather here in. as for the west, we are seeing that rain pushed in across the uk, down into much of france. flooding is likely. it should be fine across much of the iberian peninsula, 15 degrees expected in madrid. further east, this extends through north africa, so for both tripoli and benghazi, it will be cloudy, the chance of some showers. 19 degrees in cairo as a maximum. along the coast, for the west, whitely dryer -- likely dryer. solutions for america, friday, 7:00 p.m. eastern, 4:00 p.m. pacific. >> hello again. top stories on al jaz
will happen appropriately in d.c. or let's not ignore europe. there are still had lines that could come, that ariane hurt our investments, nothing that a company on might own has anything to do with that. >> we were at 1119 with the s&p downgraded the united states on the s&p 500, 1119 and we are up 300 points and s&p earnings estimates are down $12 or $13. the market will always climb a wall of worry and we have been bullish expecting at 3 rating of equities. if you have low inflation and cash flows in the future worth a lot more so there's room to expand at 2% inflation, we have said all along the greatest risk was deflationary and avoidance of deflationary would lift these trades i am talking about. liz: good to see. going for 1600 next year on the s&p, see you next time and see if that comes through. working hard with the phones ringing, closing bell in 16 minutes. if everyone is wrapped up in that fiscal clipped drama is it for perfect time for you to invest abroad? oppenheimer international growth fund upward of 22% year to date. you have the guy running it. robert dump fee. liz:
thought, a lot could hinge on how asia trades and europe trading after that. but with much of the western arms in particular europe, buying is going to get light approaching christmas holiday, a lot of people are heading out. which is why republicans have said, you know we'll regroup, gather our marbles, and see you next wednesday. not good. more after this. neil: you are looking at the usa capitol right now. we have to go through ma maching a right now, see who this hurts more. if republicans could not pass a measure that would raise taxes on only millionaires, what would it take? republicans say it would take a pound of flesh in return. cuts, and substantial cuts. on the part of democrats on spending. they do that, we might be able to rebuild this. but time is awasting, former federal reserve governor, uncertainty kills the economy in the meantime. how bad do you think that impact gets longer this drags on? >> just think about people who might want to invest firms, entrepreneurs, when they see these antics in washington, they just say no. they don't have the confidence to be able to say
on saturday. and tropics, expect afternoon rainshowers and thunderstorms to continue to pop up as well. europe, specifically here into the balkans and turkey. been watching a very strong storm system. i want to show you some video out of instanbul. snowfall coming down here, causing headaches for traffic locally in the area. also seeing people really just attempt to clean up the mess from the road crews and this looks like the snow has been falling for the last several days. now starting to clear up and then unfortunately monday to tuesday, the next weather system is going to develop out italy. push off toward the east there. and there you see more rough weather. let's take a look farther toward the west toward the british isles, a storm system throughout the weekend. widespread rain, about 60 millimeters of rain in a few areas, not to mention gale force winds. that continues to push through. temperatures remaining to the low teens in london and paris, not the case off toward the east, take a look at moscow and kiev, minus 13 and minus 10 on saturday. here is a look at the extended forecast. >
states, the company expects the bra will go on sale in europe next year. >> if the mayan calendar is accurate, people in itally's superstitious city have a secret weapon to survive. these red horns have been flying off the sheflz. they're a typical amullet for warding off bad luck. street vendors seeing a business opportunity here as -c, special limited edition red horns have been customized with the slogan against the end of the world. i suppose fit works they're worth the money. >> looks like a giant chill chilly -- chile pepper. >> and your holiday travel plans may be impacted. let me show you a live picture right now. it's dark out there. 59 this afternoon in san jose. from our camera, winter storm warning goesing up, just be aware of the fact that this could with slow going. check out live doppler 7 hd right now. i'll show were you rain is falling. storms moving in. we're seeing some rain developing steady from yu kia. clear lake and as you look here around guerneville, some moderate rain is showing up. kingridge road is picking up rain. traveling, watch out for rain@>. and t
for joining us. >> across europe, demonstrators have taken to the streets of protests and nowhere more so than in spain. in keeping the peace, how far should the police be able to go? that is a question that has been raised after some people have been left severely injured. country,in's basque police officers train with a new weapon. they will use it at demonstrations when things turn violent. the weapons afire these, the rounded tip of which is made of a heart from. they can be fired accurately at a distance of up to 50 meetings. in this region, they will have a weapon which fires these rubber balls. the new weapons can be fired directly at the troubled maker but the rubber bullets are first fired at the ground. the idea is that they will bounce up towards their intended target. the police will stop using this weapon after a rubber ball hit a man back in april and he later died. more questions follow the case, this woman who is blind in one eye. she was hit at a demonstration in barcelona last month. >> i knew straight away that he was really serious. i knew that my i was missing. i really do
a family of eastern european immigrants. they were mostly born in europe, all of my grandparents were born there. when my grandparents came here, they were older people. english was not something they were very interested in. my grandparents spoke russian, romanian, yiddish, and german. a sixth language? no way. they learned english, but they were never comfortable with it and they forgot it as soon as they could. my parents didn't speak english either, but they were going to live their lives in this country so they've learned it. they always spoken with a heavy accent and was something that was always a struggle for them. as they got older, they didn't want to do it anymore. my father spoke his last words in yiddish. we are born here, my native english speakers. i think you can mostly understand me. what i think about technology, i see a parallel and my family because i think about my parents, my parents have really become my grandparents' generation. if technology is something they did not want to learn. boy, would she like to forget it. she hates technology. we have really become a skil
could hinge on how asia trades and europe trading after that. but with much of the western arms in particular europe, buying is going to get light approaching christmas holiday, a lot of people are heading out. which is why republicans have said, you know we'll regro, gather our marbles, and see you next wednesday. not good. more after this. copd makes it hard to breathe, but with advair, i'm breathing better. so now i can be in the scene. advair is clinically proven to help significantly improve lung function. unlike most copd medications, advair contains both an anti-inflammatory and a long-acting bronchodilator working together to help improve your lung function all day. advair won't replace fast-acting inhalers for sudden symptoms and should not be used more than twice a day. people with copd taking advair may have a higher chance of pneumonia. advair may increase your risk of osteoporosis and some eye problems. tell your doctor if you have a heart condition or high blood pressure before taking advair. if you're still having difficulty breathing, ask your doctor if including
these days. >> and i want to take a look at a longer term chart. in the midst of all this in europe and everywhere else, that is a chart that a lot of people would be envious of. jim, we can't neglect what's happening today in washington. has it affected you at all? have you made any plans? are you doing anything based on what these publioliticians are wrangling' about? >> certainly, it's slowed our growth. >> it has? >> in the couple of years, it's slowed even faster. government was weaker than normal for the quarter and i think we'll see that going forward a bit. it's hurting for us. we have a lot of cash, we have no debt. so it's not a major, major impact. certainly the lack of clarity is hurting our customers and that ultimately affects us, as well. >> so you do business with the government and also the uncertainty around the policy has affected some of your customers to some extend? >> oh, absolutely. now, we sell a high valued proposition, so we do well in downed markets. so at the same time it's hurt us with some government customers. overall, the lack of certainty has led pe
in their friday trading. most by about 1%. markets across europe were also weaker in early trading. we'll have a lot more of this coming up later in the broadcast. >>> and the nation pauses today to remember those killed just one week ago in newtown. >> what a remarkable week it's been. among those is the first lady, who has written a letter in this morning's "hartford courant." she writes, may the memories of those beautiful children and those heroic adults be a blessing for your community and for our country. >> and for more on the somber ceremonies, we're joined by wendy gillette in newtown. good morning, wendy. >> reporter: good morning, rob and sunny. newtown is a very different place. one week ago, at this time, it was a different place. a quiet, small town where violence was extremely rare. now, as the nation continues to heal after the massacre, many will pause this morning to remember what was lost. bells across connecticut will toll 26 times at 9:30 this morning, marking the exact moment when terror invaded sandy hook elementary school. governor dan malloy called for a moment of sile
reporter there, in europe. and so i think you're going to see these two companies combine with ice taking over the nyse. you're going to see a much stronger company, a company that is going to do very well. and i think the stockholders are going do very well because of that. >> susie: we're go stock watching that story right here in our backyard. we will be watching it closely. thank you so much, real pleasure talking with you. senator judd gregg, former republican senator from new hampshire. >> i'm >> reporter: i'm ruben ramirez. still ahead, we'll take a look at how mobile payment technology may soon replace having to carry a plastic credit card. >> tom: we got another look at the economy between july and september, and it grew faster than first thought. third quarter gdp was revised higher today to just over 3%. that's up from the first estimate of 2.7%, and more than double the growth in the second quarter. fast forward to last week, and more americans filed for first- time unemployment insurance. new claims for jobless benefits rose by 17,000 to 361,000. but home sales continue stren
casualty rates in europe. and so when chet comes back to san francisco, those people who signed no no were looked upon as cowards. they were traitors. they sat out the war where these other people died. everyone a friend, an uncle or somebody they knew who had died, lost an arm, or was killed in service. chet comes back and he is literally spit on by his own community. so my protagonist is someone who is an ex-jazz musician, who spent his adult years playing with black groups, he comes back to san francisco at a time when japan town is still sort of unraveling from this sort of who lives here, who doesn't live here, and he wants to find japan town again, find his own sort of home while at the same time around him his own community is looking at him as if he is a traitor. so as he says and used to say in the play, i'm on the outside of the outside. my country thinks i'm a criminal, my own community thinks i'm a traitor. how does he sort of find home for himself in america given that kind of a set up? so that's where the stories all kind of converged and my central character, where he came f
're seeing a spike in vix futures. it's indicating more volatility ahead. europe, largely taking the cues from here in the united states, and the news last evening about plan b. we are seeing a 1% loss in italy, germany is down by .9%. >> of course, futures as you saw are taking a hit on concerns that a deal will not be reached to avert that fiscal cliff. an attempt by house speaker boehner to avoid that class and pass the so-called plan b tax bill. that failed. the measure that would have kept current tax rates for those making less than $1 million a year. it never even made it to the house floor. speaker boehner is scheduled to hold a news conference about an hour from now. of course, we'll bring that to you live. >> here we are. >> here we are once again. >> there was no real plan b. there was no real possibility of this. the republicans, the vast majority signed a pledge, they will not vote for tax increase. who would think they would suddenly turn around and vote for a tax increase. they pledged not to. >> the speaker said they might. >> i don't care. >> unless it's some sort of a pl
repaired, if you will, greece, now. we don't have to worry about europe at least until the second half of the year. we have stability in china because of economic activity and that was a drag and then we have the doj promising tease and the federal reserve doing the same thing and all of a sudden it is not the world looking over the cliff, but we 3-quarters of the world looking the other way starting to come back and that is the difference. tracy: what happens? we are stealing from queue to. >> we always steal from one quarter to another. tracy: europe might come back to bother us again the second half of the year. could that mean an okay first half, second half disaster's again? >> we never have smooth sailing at anything. sell in may and go away. which works sometimes and doesn't work. what we feel good about is investors are forced with a problem that dividend taxes are going to go up. to me that is a good problem because it is going to take investors out of the safety of the blue chips and staples and utilities and put them into faster growth equities. riskier. if we look at the ri
because i see china coming back a little, maybe europe's done going down, we seem to be a little bit stalled. somebody's building something around this world. >> i think it's a matter of jabil being very competitive in the markets that we serve and having sufficient diversification so that if one part of our business, for instance networking or telecommunications may be going through a lull or a slower period with government spending and business spending, capital spending down, we have some other parts of our business that are doing extremely well. you mentioned some of the mechanics business we're involved in which we call our materials technology group. that has nothing to do with electronics so we don't have to sell any electronic hardware for those businesses to perform well. parts of our business really are a reflection of the economy and other parts of our business are growing very robustly. so i'm very hopeful for the balance of the year and, you know, i think the company is diversified enough to take advantage of whatever opportunities are out there. >> okay. i am so glad ab
at europe, it's recovering. you look at the way china is acting, it's recovering. a lot of the weakness that could come from the fiscal cliff may be picked up from overseas markets which have been a drag this year. maybe you see a flipping of that in 2013. >> it's interesting that you are looking at the emerging markets. even though, yes, you're looking at higher growth rates than some of these outside the u.s. hot spots, they've come down quite a bit. does that slowdown in growth affect you? >> no question it's slowed down quite a bit. the big three things that have happened in 2012, only five days left, are things that didn't have. greece does not have an exit. citigroup had a 90% chance earlier this year. the biggest day of this jurn year was june 17th when they elected a moderate who did not try to pull greece out. and germany stepped up and gave them some money and that september the 6th, that was the european central bank. so you had china, maria, the united states and greece. none of them went off the cliff. maria, this is for you. our little christmas present for you, maria. >>
. they don't know what the tax rates are. clearly europe has gone in the right trajectory. there's some things set up here for markets to behave normally again and i think that would be fabulous for those that have capital market experience, those are obviously the most vulnerable. if you go over the cliff, you stay at the cliff. some of the regional banks that are coming back, as well, companies like regionons financial has gotten some of its credit woes behind it. they may surprise with the capital returns, as well. capital one has solid consolidators. they're now the seventh largest bank in this country. a shock to everybody, but very cheap to future earnings as long as we don't stay over the cliff for a long period of time. >> thank you so much. a former marma was indecided for insider trading. >> he was indicted today stemming from his trading of two pharmaceutical companies during the period of 2000. it's been a tough year for him, a married father of three who fainted at one point from anxiety when the fbi visited his home. but the question looming large over this case all along
for a commission. and he headed up the combat motion picture photography for the war in europe, d-day, the liberation of paris, the liberation of daukau. and i worked with him. i worked with him on "shane" i worked with him on "giant" to a certain extent. i was his associate producer and directed the location scenes for the diery of ann frank. and speaking of men tors, my father was the principal one. and i learned so much from him. not just craft but ideas and then ed murrow asked me to come back. >> rose: before that, so are you there working with your father. are you working with the great directors. i assume your clear intent was to become a director at that moment. >> it was. it was. and programs somewhere deep in my mind i was think do i want to spend my entire life trying to become the second-best film direct never my family. but very much. and i was directing alfred hitchcock and peter gunn and television series out there i really loved it. >> rose: and then there is a meeting, ed war r murrow is in los angeles, jack kennedy, president kennedy had made him head of u.s. inf
, the governmental dysfunction of europe without the excuse of being separate countries. and you know, i think it's a serious challenge to america's standing in the world that the views of credit car mets an-- markets. and washington is not faking it yet with sufficiency seriousness. >> i just add, not in a partisan way, that the 213 shall 215 to 2089-- 209 vote last night in the house before the whole thing came apart which was to not take the sequestration funds out, let's take them out of domestic spending, a party-line vote. 20 -- democrats stuck on that. not a single one broke. and i think you are seeing far more unity in the democratic ranks than in the republican ranks right now. i agree it is a governmental problem. if the whole thing comes grinding to a halt and we see it reflected in the financial markets and the stock market an elsewhere, then it's a governmental problem. it's not simply a democratic advantage or republican advantage. but right now the real fault lines are in the republican caucus. >> rooney: we-- . >> woodruff: sounds like none of us knows where this is head. so let's
perceived in the market. that's focused on the situation in europe and we think that mario draghi announcement of late summer took it off the table. we do, however, still maintain a holding in gold because we recognize that it is not an all clear sign. >> you like natural resources. the odd kmodity plague has been broughtal for a lot of investors. why do you like that and how do you play it, specifically? >> there are a couple of reasons we like commodities. we think global growth could surprise on the upside in 2013. specifically the u.s. as well as emerging market picture. so the leverage that you get through the commodity complex is direct. secondly, perhaps not as important as the growth story though, is inflation protection you get from commodities. and there is a high correlation between inflation and commodity prices. so although we don't see inflation as near term problem, we want to protect our client portfolios longer term. >> you like a merging markets, but you're very specific about the markets that you like. not all of them are performing the way you would like them t
the military army. >> there are roughly 150,000 total. the congo is about the size of western europe. i believe the estimates are somewhere in the 6,000, 5-6,000 deployed. there's more -- 5 or 6,000 deployed in the east. i don't know what the exact estimate of the congo military deployment in the east is. there's a vast amount of territory the military is trying to cover with 150,000 troops. >> still, i mean, we're talking about a force of a thousand, and so why is this such a big issue for the drc in order to be able to basically prevail in the situation? let me say a slight revision. i think probably today the m23 probably has some 2,000 or so troops. i think he has pointed out the size of the congo, i think graphically describe the congo as a country which is as large as the eastern part of the united states from the atlantic to the mississippi. it is an enormous country and since the split of sue can it's geographically the largest in of africa. the eastern congo is one of the most difficult areas in which to operate. it is an an area that is deeply forested in some places, double and tripl
such as western europe where you don't -- we don't have to to have what you have. and we go to other places i've been shocked shocked in some countries that are not countries friendly to the united states and seemed minimal amount of marine presence that we have there. and then, of course, we learned, i think, at least i did for the first time or i guess i heard it, but didn't stick previously the marines are there to guard the documents, and, i mean, that's shocking. the first obligation ought to be to protect -- americans in the embassy. i'm hoping it will change. i'm sure it will change. it seems to that the rules of engagement need the review. i looked a the the people streaming through the front gate in benghazi. that wouldn't have taken that much to stop the attack if indeed they would have responded to it immediately, it seemed to me. again, you're looking at film, and i understand it's a lot more sterile than being there on the ground at the time when the people are coming through the front gate. it seems to me that it's time to do something about it. and nothing was done until -- i d
to break look at how the world currencies are faring against the u.s. dollar. you can never discount europe. we will see how the euro is doing, we will be right back. [ male announcer ] this is steve. he loves risk. but whether he'slimbing everest, scuba diving the great barrier reef with sharks, or jumping into the marke he goes with people he trusts, which is why he trades with a company that doesn't nickel and dime him with hidden fees. so he can worry about other things, like what the market is doing and being ready, nmatter what ppens, which isn't rocket science. it's just common sense, from td ameritrade. you know how painful heartburn can be. for fast, long lasting relief, use doctor recommended gaviscon®. only gaviscon® forms a protective barrier that helps block stomach acid from splashing up- relieving the pain quickly. t fast, long lasting gaviscon®. >> 22 minutes past the hour your fox news minute. president obama will nominate massachusetts senator john kerry has his pick for secretary of state. the president is scheduled to make an announcement at o cf1 o 1:30 p.m. eastern
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